Today, enterprise executives see big potential in #artificialintelligence, and they're now devising ways to use AI to boost worker productivity, better engage customers and develop new business opportunities.

In general, companies succeeding in the deployment of advanced #digitaltechnologies have done an honest assessment of where they were in terms of performance indicators and, at the same time, they have identified a few promising use cases to rack up quick wins.

In the following article you’ll find a ten steps guide for building a successful #AIstrategy for a wide spectrum of applications in industry, government, and education:

1. Establish a center of excellence
2. Set business priorities and identify opportunities
3. Select and commit to a limited number of projects
4. Assign executive-level project sponsors
5. Determine and fill any skills gaps
6. Define how AI fits into your business strategy
7. Deal with your data
8. Plan for adequate resources
9. Address security, privacy, regulations, legalities, ethics
10. Establish parameters for acceptable AI performance

In summary, build a business case, use it as MVP, and based on that experience iterate through the whole organization to spread out value and culture mindset shift.