Must read: want to know what investment professionals are taught about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies? Then you need to read this…

This report definitely goes on the ‘must read’ list for this week!

While Web3, crypto and decentralisation are considered as ways for individuals to empower themselves, rather than relying on legacy institutions, there’s no doubting the interest that retail and institutional investors have taken in Blockchain.

This report is from the CFA Institute to prepare training and research for investment professionals. In other words, this is the training they get before taking to their clients about Blockchain and Crypto.

It’s a decent ‘101’ and ‘201’ level, including:

- How Blockchain and Crypto works
- The Cryptocurrency landscape
- How to look at Crypto and Web3 as an investment opportunity
- Where Crypto fits in a portfolio
- Key considerations and risks for investors

Of course, this is training and not financial advice. Always DYOR, and maybe use this report as part of it!

What’s the best advice you’ve been given around Crypto and Digital Assets? What do you find the hardest concepts to grasp? 🚀🌔

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