The industries that are `buying` into Embedded Finance are (by amount raised):

­čôŹFinancial Services
­čôŹRetail & Ecommerce
­čôŹPlatforms & Marketplaces
­čôŹTravel & Hospitality
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The current challenging macro-economic environment will accelerate Embedded Finance adoption:
­čôŹValuation pressures will push more platforms & marketplaces towards Embedded Finance
­čôŹLiquidity challenges will rise and Fast/nearly real time invoicing will save many businesses from insolvency
­čôŹFor similar reasons, Payroll API integration will explode
­čôŹEmbedded insurance has to grow, to reduce costs and mitigate the increased claims.
­čôŹEmbedded wealthTeh will offer value to customers as they look for technology`s guidance to recover their losses.

The report by Finch Capital and Stripe not only shows visually Stripe`s embedded finance journey and offerings but dozens of examples in the other industries mentioned above.
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