What Is Going On?

We live in the era of a rapidly evolving global economy when #fintech companies are massively adopting cashless and virtual payment technologies. As the internet is about to undergo a revolution
facilitated by #5g and open data formats, #artificialintelligence and Machine Learning.

Learning capabilities will significantly expand, blockchain technologies improving as never before.

#web3 is changing our ordinary working processes and collaboration. With Web 3.0, centralized data categorization and storage will be of no use, #blockchains will help secure and store data on this decentralized network.

🎯Transformation is coming to #society #financialservices #capitalmarkets,#assetmanagement, #consumer,and #wholesalebanking. And a new era in #technological history will begin.

🔵 Web3 – a #gamechanger For Society

✴ Business models change: from entertainment, gaming, fitness, sports, health and telecoms

✴ Helium is a decentralised telco network with clients including Salesforce and Lime

Major brands have entered crypto:

✴Visa and Mastercard support crypto-branded debit cards
✴ Nike acquired NFT design studio RTFKT
✴ Robinhood, Cash App, Revolut and PayPal all support crypto
offerings in their apps

Some of the world’s best talent is heading into crypto:

✴ Former regulators from the SEC, CFTC, Bank of England, FCA, Monetary Authority of Singapore have secured roles at major crypto businesses as well as ex-Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Citi, BNY Mellon and more

✴ Leadership talent from Meta, Google, Airbnb, Amazon have
moved to #web3 projects

🔥The #technologies and #experiences of #web3
come together to create new business models and new
opportunities (see pic)

🔵 More Than #Crypto: #DeFi lets users save and lend without the need for intermediaries

#defi might play a much bigger role if #web3 is #decentralized
and uses #blockchain technology. Presumably, #cefi and #defi
will eventually unite. Companies who actively try to bridge the gap between #CeFi and #defi will lead the way in financial services innovation.

DeFi leverages #cryptocurrency and #smartcontracts,
not #financialinstitutions.

From #lending to #investments . #banks need to revisit their business model.

🔵 How To Capture The Opportunity?

Web 3.0 will create new markets and client segments.

#Innovation and #tech adoption are critical to survival, organizations must be ready to accept change and realize the benefits of Web 3.0.

✴ Understand #web3
with an Executive Education Training

Design your strategy to define:
✴ Where to play and how to win

Execute on it with:
✴ Research, product, design and engineering talent with experience building where crypto and TradFi infrastructure meet for some of the largest crypto and fintech businesses

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