Inspiring predictions for the future of Blockchain and the Metaverse from some of the biggest names in the industry…

If we had the choice, most of us would never step into a bank branch ever again. And the mobile apps provided by our financial institutions are hardly a source of joy when we open them.

So how does the Metaverse help?

We are still forming the experiences that the mix of AR, VR, Digital Assets, Decentralised Platforms, Crypto, Self-Soverign Identity, Avatars and many other technologies can provide. But what we do know, is that when we succeed, experiences in the Metaverse will look nothing like how they typically work today.

Ask yourself: ‘Why do we need roofs in the Metaverse’ and you’ll start see where we’re heading…

This report is a great collection of predictions and analysis from founders, VCs, accelerators and technologists on what they are seeing, and what they hope to see in the Metaverse in future. Including:

- 22 pages of Metaverse 101
- Metaverse ‘as a Service’
- Metaverse infrastructure
- The role of digital assets and NFTs
- Money and Decentralised Finance in the Metaverse
- Regulation
- Socio-political considerations
- And a bunch of ‘quick take’ executive summary snippets along the way

If you read one report about Blockchain and Web3 this week, make it this one…

What is it about the Metaverse most excites you? What problems do you think we’ll finally be able to solve for humanity? 🚀🌔

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