Since September 2021 to June 2022, forty corporations invested in companies in the blockchain/crypto space during this time. The investors active in the biggest funding rounds are Alphabet ($1,506M in 4 rounds), Blackrock ($1,171M in 3 rounds), Morgan Stanley ($1,10M in 2 rounds), Samsung ($979M in 13 rounds), Goldman Sachs ( $698M in 5 rounds, BNY Mellon ($690M in 3 rounds), and PayPal ($650M in 4 rounds).

More details via BLOCKDATA :

The 40 companies invested approximately $6B into #blockchain #startups between September 2021 and June 2022. Because some rounds involve participation from multiple investors, it is unclear how much each company invested in a project.

<>What use cases are the top corporations investing in?

A total of 61 blockchain/#crypto companies received investments across 71 investment rounds. These blockchain companies are active across more than 20 industries and 65 use cases:

>>Nineteen companies offer some form of non-fungible tokens (#NFT) solutions and services. Many of these belong to industries such as gaming, arts & entertainment, and distributed ledger technology (#DLT).
>>In all, 12 firms are marketplaces, with some supporting the buying and selling of NFTs.
>>Eleven organizations provide gaming services. There is considerable overlap among use cases for the companies that offer NFT solutions, marketplaces, and gaming.

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