The metaverse is the next phase of the internet. Web 3.0. According to a recent Citi report, "The total addressable market for the Metaverse could be between $8 trillion and $13 trillion by 2030, with total Metaverse users numbering around five billion”

📌 What is the metaverse (and what is hype versus reality)?

📌 The metaverse is an open ecosystem of tools that allow users to immerse themselves in digital environments and experience the world in new, impactful ways. Similar to the birth of the internet, it will influence how we work, play and shop, enhancing visual collaboration.

📢 Hype: You must have special VR glasses, be a gamer and be tech-savvy to use the metaverse.

🎯 Reality: There are various metaverse platforms that are available on mobile phones, tablets and computers with no downloads, hardware or code required. No single person or company can own the metaverse; it's the next phase of the web, and we are all building platforms on this, hopefully as an open ecosystem.

📢 Hype: Fortnite is the metaverse.

🎯 Reality: While Fortnite has many metaverse components, there is a difference between an open and a closed ecosystem. Fortnite is closed, so all the assets are inside the world and can only be used in that world. A true metaverse allows you to jump from world to world and bring your digital assets and identity with you.

📢 Hype: The metaverse is solely for events and brand awareness.

🎯 Reality: Businesses, governments and consumers are leveraging the metaverse for myriad use cases. See the attached graphic for reference

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