As of 2019, it was forecast that over 2 billion people accessed the #internet via their #smartphones alone- it's expected that 72.6% of #internet users or nearly 3.7 billion people will access the web via #smartphones by 2025.

💥There’s a huge potential to bring crypto to all smartphone users in the world.💥
Li Jin, co-founder at Variant Fund

In many #emergingmarkets , people only have access to phones rather than computers.

💥It’s likely to start with Android or separate mobile devices [considering] Apple hasn’t been as friendly to crypto,” he continued. It’s true — none of these advancements support Apple products.💥
Pantera Capital investor Paul Veradittakit

However in the meantime Apple has announced a strategic partnership with MetaMask- what could be part of their wider #web3 strategy.

Apple is not always the first, but when it comes to their launch of new services, the experiences are usually a big shift from what we know so far.


#web3 enables the free and transparent flow of data and value over the #internet in a #decentralized manner that is controlled by users. It has the potential to address the most common challenges of the current #internet era such as #dataprivacy and #ownership to create a new version of the #creatorseconomy.

Unlike #web2 applications like Medium, Facebook, Microsoft Word, WhatsApp, Netflix, or PayPal, #web3 applications do not have a centralized server or a centralized #database that stores information about the users and application. Instead, the #technology employs a #blockchain for crowdsourcing the public server, which the P2P anonymous nodes support (#anonymousinternetusers). #bigtech #vr / #ar , dimensional #interfaces , and #distributedcomputing .

Furthermore, #blockchaintechnology allows employing #smartcontracts for inner business logic automatization.


Like phones and laptops going mobile before it, #web3 teams are making serious bets that mobile is the future of the industry.

📌Solana Labs is going forward with a Solana-native #smartphone called Saga

📌HTC has released a phone designed for a #vr #metaverse .

📌A team of developers quietly released an Ethereum-based operating system,

📌Polygon Technology is partnering with a mobile phone startup called Nothing to release the Nothing Phone

🔥But will it be a #web3 native mobile or rather glasses, which will be next big think for #massadoption?