I was inspired by today's content of Anthony Day about Gartner's Blockchain Hype Cycle and decided to create this post - "The #Web3 Iceberg". 👇

Gartner is a global organization that employs over 19,000 people and has a reach of over 1.3 million people on LinkedIn.

They created a curve chart that is divided into different stages and shows the time to achieve the Plateau of Productivity for different Web3 concepts (picture and links in the comments).

For me, the goal of this post is to collectively educate everyone on Web3, so more people can follow the Web3 rabbit hole. 🐇

Lots of people on LinkedIn don't know what Web3 is, especially what concepts or technologies are part of it.

so let's play a little game. 🤩

✨ If you are familiar with any of the Web3 concepts below the surface of the iceberg and can easily explain one of them, please post your description in the comments below.

I might use them to create additional posts here on LinkedIn or create a PDF file to share with everyone or even post them on the Web3Doers Website that is under development and tag you on the created materials.

Let’s educate others together! 🚀


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